January 30, 2018

High-Resolution 3D Scanner

Mannheim. At this year´s China International Machine Vision Exhibition in Shanghai, March 14-16, VRmagic Imaging will present the LineScan3D with a field-of-view of 74mm width and 76mm height at a sub-pixel resolution in the area of 1,5 μm. This version of the GigE-Vision compatible 3D sensor is especially fitted for automatic optical inspection (3D AOI) of printed circuit boards.

LineScan3D is a 3D sensor with integrated laser, optics, protective circuitry and GigE-Vision interface. It has a robust IP65/67 aluminum housing, 24 V power supply, and an isolated RS485 interface for ABZ rotary encoder input and trigger. A special feature of the LineScan3D: multi-sensor setups can be realized without additional hardware.


Enhanced Laser Line Extraction

Real time extraction of the laser line is carried out in the FPGA of the sensor at 1000 Hz and with an area of interest of 360 lines and 2048 points per profile. The extraction algorithm is configurable and can be adapted to suit particular applications. An optional high dynamic range (HDR) mode further enhances the laser line extraction for materials with varying surface reflectivity characteristics.


Additional Surface Inspection: Synchronous Generation of Measurement and Image Information

In addition to the 3D range map, the sensor also supplies the brightness values of the laser line, the so-called intensity image. This gray value image enables efficient 2D image processing in parallel to the 3D measurement, e.g. for surface inspection or object identification via bar codes. The extracted 3D profiles and 2D image data are recorded at the same time and from exactly the same perspective – this provides optimum preconditions for combined evaluation.


VRmagic Imaging cameras and 3D sensors will be presented at VISION China at the booth of Beijing Sanbao Xingye (MVLZ) Image Tech. Co. in hall W5, booth #5342.


High Resolution Image (Copyright VRmagic Imaging)



LineScan3D provides 3D profiles and 2D image data recorded at the same time and from exactly the same perspective – optimum preconditions for combined evaluation.