Full HD IP-Camera for Visual Process Monitoring 


The IS3 is a new, compact camera solution from VRmagic Imaging for visual process monitoring. Several cameras may be connected to the network via a conventional or even cable-chain certified Ethernet cables with a length of up to 100 meters each. The straightforward PoE power source and simple GUI configuration make the camera ready to use within 10 minutes.

Product Highlights

  • Full HD video streaming in MJPEG format with 30 fps and adjustable bandwidth
  • Use any standard or cable chain-certified shielded CAT5 Ethernet cable of up to 100 m length
  • C/CS-Mount or S-Mount lenses
  • Unicast RTP
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Small camera housing with 29 x 29 mm profile
  • Comfortable camera configuration via IS3 client application