Laser Triangulation Camera

Flexible Measuring Field and High Scan Rates

The new laser triangulation camera LineCam3D by VRmagic Imaging may be combined with different line lasers and optics to achieve flexible measuring fields, depending on triangulation angle and distance. For small measuring fields, the LineCam3D is capable of delivering 3D scans in micrometer precision with a scan rate of 1 kHz at 1/3 sensor height.

FPGA-based Line Extraction with 1/64 Subpixel Accuracy

Laser profiles are extracted on the camera’s FPGA using a robust, configurable center-of-gravity-based algorithm. The resulting 16 bit profile coordinates are calculated with a 1/64 subpixel accuracy in Z direction and 2,048 points in X direction. An optional intensity image may be acquired and transferred together with the profile data to provide additional 2D information, which is not visible in the 3D image. Additionally, the integrated 10 degree tilt-shift (Scheimpflug) adapter yields a perfectly focused laser line over the measuring height.

Ruggedized Industrial Housing and GigE Vision Interface

With a robust IP65/67 aluminum housing, industry-grade M12 screw connectors, and a GigE Vision/GenTL interface, the LineCam3D allows for a hassle-free integration into the existing vision infrastructure and into industrial environments.

Product Highlights

  • GigE Vision compliant
  • 1 kHz@360 lines scan rate, 2,048 points per profile
  • On-board laser line extraction using the FPGA based configurable VRmLineExtraction algorithm
  • Intensity image and dual exposure modes available
  • Industry standard M12 connectors for 24 V power supply, Gigabit Ethernet and IOs
  • Rugged IP65/67 aluminum housing
  • C-Mount and optional IP67 lens tube
  • 1 GHz ARM® Cortex™-A8, 700 MHz DSP, 2 GB DDR3-800 RAM
  • Xilinx 7 series FPGA
  • Integrated 10° Scheimpflug adapter