3D Sensors and Imaging Components for OEM Partners

GigE-Vision laser triangulation sensors and 10GigE cameras

VRmagic Imaging offers long-standing expertise and R&D capacities in industrial imaging. Since 2003, VRmagic has been developing OEM camera components and 3D solutions for machine vision. Today, the product portfolio is focused on GigE-Vision compliant laser triangulation sensors and 10GigE cameras.

Special Designs and Multi-Sensor Cameras  ̶  Solutions Tailored to Your Application

VRmagic Imaging offers versatile OEM variants – from sensor boards through to special designs such as multi-sensor cameras. The modules can be individually configured as required. All components offer good usability. Thanks to standardized software protocols, the GigE-Vision cameras and 3D sensors may be easily and intuitively integrated in all relevant image processing environments.

Your Project Requirements

To check whether VRmagic components match your project requirements, please request a customized evaluation package, which includes technical support and direct communication between developers.


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