Cameras and Imaging Components
by VRmagic


VRmagic Imaging manufactures both ready-to-use machine vision products with IP65/67 aluminum housing and industry standard connectors as well as individually configurable and programmable camera components.

Ready-to-use Industrial Cameras

The industrial portfolio ranges from 10GigE cameras with CMOS or hyperspectral sensors through to smart cameras with integrated imaging software and IP cameras for visual process monitoring. For 3D imaging VRmagic offers GigE-Vision compliant laser triangulation sensors.

Customized Designs

VRmagic offers versatile OEM variants – from sensor boards through to special designs such as multi-sensor cameras. The modules can be individually configured as required.

User-friendly Features

All components are characterized by their good usability and offer numerous options – such as access to uncompressed raw sensor data and stepless adjustment of all camera parameters. Thanks to standardized software protocols, the GigE-Vision cameras and 3D sensors may be easily and intuitively integrated in all relevant image processing environments.


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