April 25, 2017

Ophthalmoscope Simulator for Medical Training in China


Mannheim. The German manufacturer VRmagic is launching a Chinese version of its virtual reality simulator for direct ophthalmoscopy. With the Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope, the company meets the needs of both ophthalmology residency training and optometry schools as well as general medical training.


"With the Chinese language version, we hope to achieve greater market penetration in China. During the basic medical training of young students, it is beneficial if they can concentrate on the complex teaching content that is available on the simulator in their own language," explains Markus Schill, Managing Director of VRmagic GmbH.


Highly realistic training

Using 3D virtual reality technology, the Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope allows students to learn correct handling of the ophthalmoscope as well as disease diagnosis under extremely realistic conditions: like with a real ophthalmoscope, the eyepiece must be positioned correctly in front of the eye of a model head in order to examine the retina of a virtual patient. The simulator presents the medical history of the patient as well as comprehensive medical information. In this way, students can learn about a wider range of relevant pathologies than would be possible during training on real patients in everyday clinical practice. They receive feedback on their examination technique and diagnosis immediately after every examination.


Standardized curriculum and objective evaluation

For universities and medical schools, the simulator offers the benefits of a standardized curriculum that students can complete independently, as well as computer-based, objective evaluation of their performance. The teaching staff can view the individual training data of their students via an online platform and manage their courses.


Established training concepts

The German company VRmagic is a pioneer in the development of virtual reality technology and training concepts for medical training. In 2001, VRmagic presented the first simulator for training eye surgeons. Today, Eyesi® surgical and diagnostic training simulators are well-established in the field of ophthalmology with over 400 installations worldwide and have been evaluated in numerous studies. In addition to the Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope, VRmagic also offers the Earsi® Otoscope training simulator for basic medical training. This simulator allows students to train examination of the inner ear.


中国医学教育的检眼镜模拟器, Press Release Chinese Version (pdf)


High-resolution images

Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope Live View, Credits VRmagic

Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope Screen Findings, Credits VRmagic