May 30, 2009

Eyesi Software Release 2.5 now available

Eyesi Software Release 2.5 features a new Phaco Divide & Conquer Module which offers an exceedingly lifelike and responsive intraocular surgical environment for an effective training of sculpting, cracking and quadrant removal. Through the stereomicroscope trainees can visualize clearly from the cornea to the back of the posterior capsule. Complications like the occlusion of the posterior capsule have been integrated to further add to a realistic and challenging learning experience.

More new features:
Advanced Posterior Hyaloid, Hydro Maneuvers and Endolaser Module, easy to use VRmagic OR Machine interface and powerful new evaluation tools for educators.

Software Release 2.5 has been shipped to all customers with a valid license at the end of May 2009.