Research and Innovation - Dedicated to Excellence in Medical Training

VRmagic cooperates with experts from around the world to continuously enhance simulation technology and teaching methods for medical education. Our knowledge of disease patterns, methods of diagnosis and treatment as well as of the manifold demands medical training is facing, derives from close and continuous co-operation with health professionals around the world. Only through scientific exchange and the effort and commitment of our partners are we able to successfully develop and implement innovative and sustainable teaching concepts for medical education.


VRmagic would especially like to express thanks for their voluntary and dedicated commitment to:

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Koch, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
Associates: Dr. med. Svenja Deuchler, Dr. med. Pankaj Singh, Dr. med. Michael Müller
Former Associates: Dr. med. Michael Koss, Dr. med. Helge Krüger

  • Consultation on intraocular surgery
  • Educational concepts and testing of courseware for the Eyesi Surgical simulator
  • Concept, organization and presentation of drylabs
  • Initial discussion and cooperation on the development of Eyesi Indirect
  • Contribution of educational concepts and didactically adapted cases for Eyesi Indirect


Robert S. Bailey, Jr, MD, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Consultation on cataract surgery


Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Bartz-Schmidt, Tübingen,  Germany
Associate: Dr. med. Martin Leitritz

  • Contribution of didactically adapted cases for Eyesi Indirect


Eugene M. Helveston, MD, Em. Prof., Indiana, USA

  • Initial discussion and consultation on the development of Eyesi Indirect


Prof. Dr. med. Michael Knorz, Mannheim, Germany

  • Initial consultation and guidance on intraocular surgery at an early stage of the simulator´s development


PD Dr. med. Klaus Lucke, Bremen, Germany

  • Consultation on intraocular surgery
  • Organization and presentation of drylabs (EVRTS)

Colin A. McCannel, MD, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • Consultation on vitreoretinal surgery
  • Beta testing of Eyesi software

 Prof. Dr. med. Gerd Auffarth, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Consultation on cataract surgery


Dr. Geoffrey Goodfellow, OD and Dr. Elizabeth Wyles, OD, Chicago, USA

  •            Consultation on basic skills training content for Eyesi Indirect 


Emmanouil Mavrikakis MD, PhD, Yao Wang BHSc, Wai-Ching Lam MD, Toronto, Canada

  • Contribution of diabetes cases for Eyesi Indirect