Special replacement offer for Eyesi Surgical simulators

Eyesi Surgical Vitreoretinal simulator
Eyesi Surgical Vitreoretinal simulator

For Eyesi Surgical systems acquired before 2011, Haag-Streit Simulation is currently offering special replacement options to ensure state-of-the-art training at standing partner residency programs.

Eyesi Surgical Platform 2.11 – Cutting Edge Technology

Equipped with greater computing capacities, the newest platform version of the Eyesi Surgical simulator enables an even more immersive surgical simulation and life-like training experience. The new microscope binocular provides a large field of view and a detail-precise 3D visualization, featuring highest-grade OLED micro displays and mechanical and optical systems from Haag-Streit. For training of vitreoretinal surgery, the new platform offers hardware and simulation of the current generation OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® 5. Along with its networking connection for access to data analytics, Eyesi Surgical platform 2.11 incorporates cutting edge technology for training of ophthalmology residents.

State-of-the-Art Training: Blended Learning and Peer Group Comparisons

In addition to new training modules and refined simulation algorithms, software updates for the Eyesi Surgical simulator regularly come with new online features available on the VRmNet web portal. The continuously expanding range of medical online courses on VRmNet complement the practical training on the simulator. In addition, when running on the latest software version, the Eyesi Surgical platform allows for using the potential of data analytics through the networking function: the proficiency of residents is compared to the performance of other networked Eyesi users. Thus, Eyesi Surgical 2.11 enables residencies to stay up-to-date on the performance of their program.

10 Year Support Warranty

Haag-Streit Simulation warrants 10 years of hardware and software support for Eyesi Surgical simulators. For this period, Haag-Streit Simulation guarantees to hold in stock spare hardware parts for each platform version. Also, Eyesi simulators are equipped with computing capacity sufficient to effectively run new simulation software versions for ten years. Software updates include access to data analytics and online courses available on the VRmNet web portal. Even ten years after acquisition, the simulator will continue to function as intended and existing simulation content will be permanently accessible. Nevertheless, in the event of a hardware failure, Haag-Streit Simulation can no longer warrant service and the simulator is no longer eligible to software updates.

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