Change of company name to Haag-Streit GmbH

Building Haag-Streit GmbH Mannheim
Haag-Streit GmbH in Mannheim, Germany

As of July 2022, VRmagic has changed the company name to Haag-Streit GmbH. The subsidiaries VRmagic GmbH, VRmagic Imaging GmbH, and the mother company VRmagic Holding AG have been merged into the new legal entity Haag-Streit GmbH. The simulator products will continue to be marketed under the brand Haag-Streit Simulation. The camera components will still be marketed under the brand VRmagic Imaging. The entity change has been executed following the merge of VRmagic with the Swiss-based Haag-Streit Group in April 2020. In future, Haag-Streit GmbH will also provide research and development for Haag-Streit medical device product lines.


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