Gonioscopy module available for Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator

Side-by-side simulation of gonioscopy visualization and patient model head with gonioscopy lens mimic
Simulation and patient model head with gonioscopy lens mimic

Mannheim, Germany. Haag-Streit Simulation has introduced a gonioscopy module for its Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator. Besides examination training for the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, the training system now also offers visualization of the iridocorneal angle.

Examining virtual patients
Eyesi Slit Lamp is a high-end diagnostic simulator for training of ophthalmologists and optometrists. Its virtual reality technology is integrated into the original hardware of a BQ 900 slit lamp model from Haag-Streit Diagnostics and simulates all functions of the real slit lamp. Looking through the simulator’s biomicroscope and using the slit lamp controls, trainees see the visualization of virtual patient’s eyes. Software modules provide various patients presenting with healthy eyes or clinically relevant pathologies.

Additional hardware for fundoscopy and gonioscopy training
For training of retinal examinations, a patient model head and a 90D ophthalmoscopy lens mimic is mounted to the simulator table, enabling a lifelike interaction. Trainees need to insert the fundoscopy lens into the slit beam and move it slowly toward the patient’s eye until they see a focused image of the retina through the slit lamp microscope. For the visualization of the iridocorneal angle, an additional gonioscopy lens mimic is available.

New software modules
Pathologies included in the new training modules for gonioscopy are, for example, pseudoexfoliation syndrome, iris nevus, iris melanoma, and elevated episcleral venous pressure. To practice grading of the chamber angle, the Shaffer-Kanski grading system and Spaeth classification system are available.

The Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator comes with a case-based, didactically structured curriculum for self-guided learning. Trainees need to specify findings and diagnoses, and will get immediate feedback by the training system. Introductory medical online courses from Haag-Streit Simulation are intertwinded with the simulator curriculum and complement the practical training.

Available product packages
The Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator is available in three versions; anterior segment examination training using the biomicroscope, anterior and posterior segment examinations including the additional patient head and fundoscopy lens, and the complete package with biomicroscope, fundoscopy and gonioscopy lens.

Trainee with Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator
Top image: Simulated visualization of the iridocorneal angle (left) and patient model head with trainee holding the gonioscopy lens mimic (right) (Haag-Streit Simulation).
Bottom image: The Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator features the hardware of a
BQ 900 slit lamp model from Haag-Streit Diagnostics and simulates all functions of the real slit lamp (Haag-Streit Simulation).

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