New training simulator for direct ophthalmoscopy

VRmagic presents Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope Simulator at IMSH

At this year’s IMSH from January 26–30 in Orlando, VRmagic introduces a new simulator for the training of direct ophthalmoscopy. At the world’s largest conference dedicated to simulation in healthcare the Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope Simulator will be presented to an international audience of experts.

With Eyesi Direct the German-based company has already developed the third simulator that supplements the conventional medical education program with a standardized and quality assured training method. With Eyesi Direct medical students and residents can train direct ophthalmoscopy independent from clinical work and patient flow. Further the simulator ensures that all users who have successfully accomplished training courses have defined knowledge and abilities.

Eyesi Direct offers a highly realistic simulation of direct ophthalmoscopy. By looking through the ophthalmoscope, trainees can see a virtual patient and a lifelike simulation of the visible section of the retina. The learning effect of Eyesi Direct is based on the curriculum, which was developed in close cooperation with hospitals and universities and uses the principle of deliberate practice. The training content is divided into consecutive modules with courses of different difficulty. After each virtual examination, users receive immediate and objective feedback on their performance. This way Eyesi Direct enables students to train without assistance at a level of challenge suitable to their proficiency and gain further knowledge and abilities. Due to the fact that all training data is saved educators have a clear view of their students learning progress. This structured method of learning is particularly efficient and cost-saving. The curriculum meets the needs of medical students of all specialties and contains a selection of the most common pathologies. There are plans to design curricula for certain specialties such as neurology in the future. 


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