Eyesi Surgical

Eyesi Surgical simulator for cataract surgery

Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgery Training

Eyesi® Surgical is a high-end virtual reality simulator for intraocular surgery training. The Eyesi platform can be equipped with interfaces for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. Through the simulator´s OR microscope trainees see the virtual surgical field in stereo and high resolution while operating with life-like surgical instruments. The highly realistic simulation of interaction with tissue in real-time increases trainees’ surgical experience without risk for patients.

Ready-to-Go Curriculum

Eyesi Surgical offers a pre-installed courseware. Starting with basic skills, the courses lead trainees step-by-step to proficiency in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. Simulator training permits residents to practice their microsurgical skills repetitively until they reach a standard skill level. Optional online courses on the VRmNet web portal complement the practical simulator training.

Feedback and Assessment

Eyesi Surgical provides trainees with feedback on their performance after each task, allowing them to systematically improve their skills. Required minimum scores and the repetition of tasks foster a consistent proficiency. Both educators and trainees can analyse the training data. For networked simulators, they can even view a comparison that ranks the individual performance against other users.

Reduction of posterior capsule rupture rates by 38%

A total of 38% fewer posterior capsule ruptures occurred in cataract operations performed by first and second year residents if they had access to Eyesi Surgical. Go to publication

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Integrating Simulator-Based Training into Your Program

For more information on efficient training methods and how to integrate simulator training into your program, please visit Educational Solutions.

Cataract Surgery Training

The Eyesi cataract courses include surgery training modules for capsulorhexis, hydrodissection, phaco, irrigation/aspiration, and IOL insertion as well as complications management. Abstract simulation tasks repeat and reinforce microsurgical motor skills, microscope handling, proper pivoting at the incision, and understanding of spatial boundaries.

During virtual surgery, cataract instruments such as forceps, visco cannula, cystotome, and phaco probe are available. Just as in real surgery, discreet instrument movements are required to avoid undue wound stress, loss of viscoelastic, or diminished red reflex. An OR machine interface and a two-axis phaco foot pedal allow controlling fluidics. Trainees must select appropriate phaco parameters in order to safely and effectively complete a surgical procedure.

Resident performing a capsulorhexis on the Eyesi Surgical simulator
Cataract instruments, such as forceps, visco cannula, cystotome, and phaco probe are available during virtual surgery.
Eyesi Surgical Anti-Tremor training module
Abstract anti tremor training task
Phaco machine for cataract surgery
Phaco machine for cataract surgery

Vitreoretinal Surgery Training

For training of posterior segment surgery, the Eyesi Surgical platform can be equipped with a vitreoretinal interface set. The OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® hardware mimic is operated just like a real BIOM in the operating room, and the complex interactions of auxiliary optics are accurately reproduced. Residents learn depth perception in the eye, precise usage of instruments, and correct OR machine settings.

Vitreoretinal training modules available for Eyesi Surgical include posterior hyaloid detachment, peripheral vitrectomies, internal limiting membrane peeling (ILM), the removal of epiretinal membranes, or the treatment of retinal detachments with oil or gas endotamponades. A realistic posterior segment surgical simulation environment is provided through the use of scleral indentation, a vitrectomy machine, variable illumination intensity of the light pipe, and an endolaser.

New BIOM 5 widefield optics on the Eyesi Surgical simulator
The Eyesi Surgical simulator features a mimic of the OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® 5, which can be operated just as the original.
Air/PFC exchange in retinal detachment surgery - Eyesi Surgical simulator
Air/PFC exchange in retinal detachment surgery
Peeling of the inner limiting membrane
Peeling of the inner limiting membrane

Product Brochure

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