Benefits of Simulation

VRmagic offers high-end virtual reality training simulators for the education of medical students and doctors in ophthalmology. The high-end technology developed by VRmagic enables an interactive, three-dimensional learning environment with an exceptionally high degree of realism. Learn on this page why simulation has become an integral part of medical education worldwide.

No Risk for Patients

On VRmagic medical simulators, trainees learn surgical and diagnostic skills without risk to patients and independent of hospital routine.

Better Outcomes

Many studies have validated the training concept and proven that beginners, residents, and experienced doctors benefit from training on VRmagic simulators.

Student holding the indirect ophthalmoscope lens (© VRmagic/Lachnith)

Unlimited Independent Practice

Medical skills can only be gained through intense, repetitive practice. The use of simulation allows trainees to practice independently and as often as necessary.

Objective Feedback

VRmagic simulators provide objective and immediate feedback so that trainees can systematically improve their skills and educators can objectively asses their trainees’ skills.

Standardized Learning

The ready-to-go simulator curricula are didactically structured and ensure frequent practice at a suitable level of challenge. Trainees possess a defined skill level after the simulator training.

Students practicing cataract surgery on the Eyesi Surgical simulator (© VRmagic/Beier)

Optimized Teaching

The use of medical simulation optimizes teaching and requires fewer resources. Trainees can practice independently, require less one-on-one training, and need no surgical equipment.

Highly Realistic Environment

VRmagic training simulators use real-time virtual reality technology, high-end tissue simulation, and guidance elements to offer a highly immersive and effective learning experience.

Resident performing a capsulorhexis on the Eyesi Surgical simulator

Authentic Instruments

The transition from the simulator to the real world is made as smooth as possible for trainees through the use of real or realistic instruments and hardware components.

Comfortable Online Tools

Workflow and integration into your existing curriculum are made easy through comfortable online administration, training data, and online courses on VRmNet.