Eyesi Surgical Software Release 3.8

Eyesi Surgical software release 3.8

Enhanced training of cataract surgery

Eyesi Surgical software release 3.8 offers new VRmNet online courses covering all steps of cataract surgery. The practical cataract training has been enhanced by a more challenging anterior vitrectomy module and the possibility to activate the Cataract Challenge Course for individual users. In addition, the instrument foot pedal now has configuration options for personalized settings.

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VRmNet online courses

Comprehensive cataract courses

The online medical courses on VRmNet now cover the whole cataract procedure. Four new courses have been added to tier CAT-D of the simulator curriculum, completing the existing courses of tiers A to C. The online courses complement the practical simulator tasks and provide medical background knowledge on all aspects of cataract surgery, ranging from patient preparation to milky-white cataracts and complication management. 

VRmNet online courses

Expert videos

New expert interviews with Prof. Auffarth, Director of the University Eye Clinic Heidelberg, are available in the online cataract courses on VRmNet. In the videos, Prof. Auffarth provides tips for beginning cataract surgeons, gives insights into the operating room, and shares valuable tips and clinical pearls.

Colin McCannel, Stein Eye Institute/UCLA, and Clemens Wager, Head of R&D at Haag-Streit Simulation, reviewing the new online cataract courses on VRmNet. Photo: Haag-Streit Simulation/ Lachnith.

“With the new online cataract courses, residents can now systematically study all steps of the procedure. Such a comprehensive compilation has been missing – before, residents had to piece together the theoretical parts by themselves.”

Colin McCannel, MD, Stein Eye Institute/UCLA
Individual activation

Cataract Challenge Course

The Cataract Challenge Course can now be activated for individual users to start the Challenge Course at any time. This new possibility is beneficial for trainees who want to start earlier or who already are on expert level and aim at training the cataract procedure, e.g., for warm-up training. The Cataract Challenge was designed to benchmark the trainees’ performance over time. It contains all steps of cataract surgery and has to be repeated at certain time intervals.

Eyesi Surgical Simulator, Anterior Vitrectomy Training
Complication training

Enhanced anterior vitrectomy module

In an anterior vitrectomy, it is crucial to keep the anterior chamber pressurized at all times to avoid a chamber collapse and minimize vitreous loss. Now, two irrigating instruments, e.g., the irrigator and the viscoelastics cannula, can be used simultaneously, thus enabling trainees to practice the skills necessary to maintain the anterior chamber constantly.

Instrument simulation

Increased vitrector cut rate

The maximum cut rate of the vitrector was increased to 7.500 cuts per minute. An increased cut rate facilitates the transfer to the operating room, where modern OR machines with high cut rates allow for safer surgery with fewer vibrations. The vitrector instrument is available in many vitreoretinal tasks and in the anterior vitrectomy module and can be configured in the Eyesi Surgical OR machine.

Vitrector - Eyesi Surgical Simulator
OR machine simulation

New options for foot pedal configuration

Trainees can now configure all foot pedal functions for the phaco and the vitrectomy machine individually, according to their preferences. Each button of the instrument foot pedal can be configured separately. This allows for a more flexible foot pedal usage and makes the transition to other foot pedals easier.