Eyesi Surgical Software Release 2.7 shipped to all customers

Eyesi Surgical Software Release 2.7
Eyesi Surgical Software Release 2.7

The software update package 2.7 for the Eyesi Surgical simulator has now been shipped to customers worldwide. Highlights of the new software include the considerably expanded training curriculum Eyesi Courseware 2.0, new training modules for retinal detachment and phaco chop, and various new features, e.g. a soft tip diamond brush for performing ILM.

Eyesi Courseware 2.0

The expanded curriculum of Eyesi Courseware 2.0 now offers structured training courses on four tiers of proficiency, allowing educators to better tailor simulator-based surgery training to the needs of their residents.

New Training Modules

The new retinal detachment module will guide trainees through each step of retinal detachment surgery including the injection of perfluorocarbon (PFC) and silicone oil, vitrectomy techniques and use of photocoagulation. 

The phaco chop module gives trainees the opportunity to move beyond the basic divide-and-conquer technique for cataract surgery by learning to apply horizontal chopping for nuclear segmentation.

The new cataract intracapsular anti-tremor and navigation modules provide a series of abstract exercises to help trainees learn to control the instruments when navigating in the posterior capsule.

New Features

The ILM module has been enhanced with a new soft tip diamond brush which offers trainees a new and more modern approach to safely elevate the ILM off the retina. 

In addition to a refined tissue modeling, the irrigation-and-aspiration training module now features a 45 and 90 degree tip and a J-shape tip to permit safer removal of subincisional cortex.

To further support trainees in learning to preserve chamber depth when performing the capsulorhexis, a new gauge displays the axial position of the lens as well as the shape of the lens depending on the anterior chamber pressure.

The phaco interface has been improved with visual and audible guidance to further entrench trainees’ understanding of proper phaco settings.

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