Eyesi Surgical Simulator: New Platform Generation

New hardware platform of Eyesi Surgical simulator
New Eyesi Surgical platform

State-of-the-Art Visualization for Surgery Training

Mannheim. VRmagic announces the marketing of a new platform generation of the ophthalmic surgery simulator Eyesi Surgical. In close cooperation with the Swiss company Haag-Streit Diagnostics, the German-based manufacturer has developed a digital microscope head and integrated a new virtual high-resolution stereo microscope in the simulator. For training of retina surgery, the platform now also features the simulation of the current generation OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® 5.

Virtual High-Resolution Stereo Microscope with Haag-Streit Optics

Looking through the new microscope binocular, which features mechanical and optical systems from Haag-Streit, trainee ophthalmic surgeons obtain a large three-dimensional field of view and a detail-precise stereo visualization of the surgery simulation. The digital binocular now offers a resolution of 1080×1080 pixels per eye. The refraction can be corrected individually by means of a diopter scale on the eyepieces. Furthermore, the optical system now provides a realistic exit pupil, so that trainees need to adjust the pupil distance individually in order to obtain a complete, wide 3D field of vision – just as with a real microscope.

Simulation of OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® 5

For training of vitreoretinal surgery, the new Eyesi platform provides hardware and simulation of the current generation OCULUS SDI®/BIOM® 5. The non-contact viewing system enables wide-angle observation of the fundus and vitreous body. Like the original, the SDI (stereoscopic diagonal inverter), is activated automatically when the BIOM (binocular indirect ophthalmomicroscope) is swung into the beam path. Furthermore, it is detected and visualized in the simulation, if the lens accidentally touches the cornea or if the view is blocked.

»With the new platform, Eyesi Surgical now offers a stunning stereo visualization«, says Markus Schill, CEO at VRmagic. »Our aim is to provide the best possible training environment in order to enable high immersion and a highly realistic surgery experience. «

The new Eyesi Surgical platform is available as of now. For customers with a previous hardware version, VRmagic will offer special conditions for substitution of the simulator platform.

Download high-resolution images:

Eyesi Surgical for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery training
Productshot Eyesi Surgical simulator (upright format, copyright VRmagic, photographer Rudolf Lachnith)
The new hardware platform of Eyesi Surgical simulator for vitreoretinal surgery
Productshot Eyesi Surgical simulator (landscape format, copyright VRmagic, photographer Rudolf Lachnith)

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