Eyesi Slit Lamp Software Release 1.8

Eyesi Slit Lamp simulator

Software release 1.8

With software release 1.8, the Eyesi Slit Lamp simulator features new courses for basic fundoscopy & gonioscopy training, complemented by online courses on VRmNet. The instruction icons for the slit lamp settings are now displayed in the view of the microscope, making it much more convenient for trainees to practice their fundoscopy & gonioscopy skills. Furthermore, a new “Diffuse & llumination course” has been introduced.

Fundoscopy training

The new courses on fundoscopy lens handling allow trainees to practice techniques like adjusting the slit lamp, handling the lens, and modifying the patient gaze direction to extend the field of view. They also teach various fundoscopy tasks, such as scanning the retina and exploring the periphery.

Gonioscopy training

There are also new courses on handling of the Goldmann lens, focussing on the examination of the posterior segment and chamber angle using the central lens and the three mirrors. Trainees learn how factors like lens tilt and rotation, changes in patient gaze direction, illumination, and microscope arm rotation affect the examination results. 

Complementary online courses on VRmNet

New introductory courses on fundoscopy and gonioscopy complement the practical training tasks on Eyes Slit Lamp.

„Diffuse & focal illumination“ course

Tier A2 of the Eyesi Slit Lamp courseware now features the new „Diffuse and focal illumination“ course. Trainees learn to use background and diffuse illumination to examine the anterior segment without dazzling the patient. They also learn to use focal illumination to inspect the iris and transparent structures such as the cornea.