Eyesi Slit Lamp Fundoscopy Module Available

Trainee practicing with the new Eyesi Slit Lamp fundoscopy module
Model patient head of the Eyesi Slit Lamp fundoscopy module

The Eyesi Slit Lamp simulator from VRmagic now offers training of retinal slit lamp examinations: A new patient model head and a 90D ophthalmoscopy lens mimic can be mounted to the simulator table to enable a lifelike interaction. Eyesi Slit Lamp software version 1.4 supports the new fundoscopy hardware and offers a selection of cases for retinal examinations. The range of available cases will continuously be extended.

Extended Courseware

The training courseware embedded on the Eyesi Slit Lamp simulator now features retina cases in the “Findings & Diagnoses” tier, presenting diseases affecting the optic disc, AMD, and diabetic retinopathy. In addition, a new tier of the courseware provides virtual patients with pathologies of the posterior segment including a detailed clinical case history. These clinical cases are based on real patients and have been reviewed in close cooperation with university eye clinics. Trainees need to specify findings and diagnoses on the simulator’s user interface and will get immediate feedback by the training system.

Examining the Virtual Patients

In order to perform a retinal examination, trainees need to insert the 90D lens into the slit beam in front of the patient model’s eye and then move it slowly towards the patient until they see a focused image of the retina through the slit lamp microscope. If necessary, the patient’s eyes can be dilated to make the examination easier.

About Eyesi Slit Lamp

Eyesi Slit Lamp is a high-end diagnostic training simulator for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Its virtual reality technology is integrated into the original hardware of a BQ 900 slit lamp model from Haag-Streit Diagnostics and simulates all functions of a real slit lamp. Trainees can examine virtual patients with the biomicroscope or a fundoscopy lens. The integration of examinations with a gonioscopy lens has been announced for the future.


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