Software Development for VRmagic Cameras

D3 intelligent cameras are fully autonomous embedded systems, which means that applications run directly on the camera’s ARM® or DSP processor. Software for the VRmagic USB platform cannot be executed on the device itself but has to run on a host PC which the USB camera is connected to.

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Software Development for D3 Intelligent Camera Platform

  • Due to the ARM processor with floating point unit, the D3 intelligent camera platform offers the widest support of embedded image processing toolkits and libraries currently on the market – Common Vision Blox Embedded, EyeVision, GStreamer, HALCON Embedded, OpenCV, VM_LIB, and many more.
  • The D3 covers the whole range of software development approaches, from the easy-to-use EyeVision and HALCON libraries to ARM code to complex applications using custom DSP code. This makes application development possible at any level of complexity.
  • Develop software in standard developments using the VRmagic SDK, cross-compile it, and let it run on the camera’s ARM. Thanks to the Mono-compatible .NET framework, you can even write applications on a Linux PC and simply copy them to the camera – that’s it.
  • Compile Code for the DSP using the TI DSP compiler.

Software Development for USB Camera Platform

  • Software for USB cameras runs on a host PC to which the camera is connected via USB. 
  • Develop software in standard developments using the VRmagic SDK, and let it run on any host PC. The host has full access to the camera’s raw sensor data.