Camera Designs


VRmagic imaging components are available in many different designs and form factors. Due to the modular system, you could realize, for example, a D3 intelligent multi-sensor camera, a USB frame grabber, or any other combination that meets your requirements.

Multi-Sensor Cameras

Up to six sensor boards are connected to the camera base unit using flex-foil cables. Enables pixel-synchronous images from different positions and 3D applications – with only one camera.

Remote-Sensor Cameras 

The sensor board is connected to the camera base unit using a flex-foil cable, making the camera perfect for narrow or angled installation spaces.

Single-Sensor Cameras

The sensor board is mounted directly to the camera base unit, forming one compact unit. This is the most robust and cost-efficient camera design.

Frame Grabbers

Converts every analog PAL or NTSC camera into a digital camera, thus making possible an unproblematic step-by-step upgrade from analog to digital cameras.