The New Web-Based Training Platform


VRmNet® is a new web-based training portal from VRmagic. Through the networking feature of VRmagic simulators, all user and training data can be stored on a central server and securely accessed via any PC or mobile device 24/7.

Comfortable Administration and Monitoring Features for Educators

Educators can use VRmNet® to comfortably set up users, manage courses and monitor their students´ training progress from any PC or mobile device.

Online Orientation and Medical Content for Students

Students log in into VRmNet® to access an online orientation course, their training history and medical content.

Continuous Training through Data Synchronization

Through networking of all simulators of an institution, training data is synchronized between devices. Students can continue training on any available simulator.

Automatic Software Updates

All simulators connected to VRmNet® get automatic updates of the latest software developments.


For more information on VRmNet®, please contact VRmagic!


VRmNet® for Training with Eyesi® Surgical Video on YouTube

VRmNet® for Diagnostic Training Video on YouTube