October 27, 2016

VR-Simulator for Otoscopy presented at ENT Congress in Mannheim, Germany

Mannheim. VRmagic is currently presenting Earsi Otoscope, a new virtual reality simulator for otoscopy, at the congress for German ENT physicians in Mannheim, Germany.

With Earsi medical students can train both handling of the otoscope and diagnosing relevant pathologies – independent from clinical work and patient flow. By looking through the otoscope, users can see a detailed, dynamic 3D model of the external and middle ear rendered in real-time. The training content was developed in close cooperation with hospitals and universities and is divided into consecutive courses of different difficulty. After each virtual examination, trainees receive immediate and objective feedback on their performance. Educators can easily administrate courses and access their students training data from any PC or mobile device. 


Congress for German ENT Physicians in Mannheim, Germany, October 27- 29, 2016  https://www.fg-hno-aerzte.de/