April 22, 2013

Software Release 2.8 for Eyesi Surgical now available

VRmagic has released new software for the ophthalmic surgery simulator Eyesi Surgical. Highlights of the new software are a new IOL Insertion module, enhanced training opportunities for capsulorhexis, and optimized graphics.

New modules and tasks

With the new IOL Insertion module Eyesi Surgical now covers every step of cataract surgery. After the injection of viscoelastic, users can train the injection of a spheric or toric IOL into the empty capsule bag.

With „White Cataracts“  and „Capsular Plaques“ the new software offers two new training scenarios making the capsulorhexis training even more realistic. These training scenarios allow trainees to exercise the capsulorhexis in eyes with hypermature lenses or anterior capsular plaques.

Further almost every training module has been overworked. Thus, for instance, the module „Phaco Chopping“ has been supplemented with a vertical chop technique and the module „Retinal Detachment“ now allows indentation of the eyeball.

Optimized Visualization

The graphical representation of every single training module has been further optimized in the new software release. The eye, the surgical instruments, and the tissue are now visualized even more realistic. The surface of the cornea now reflects the microscope light and the lights of the operating room. In addition tension lines appear on the cornea surface, when instruments are inserted.

More new features

•    The intensity of the microscope light can now be adjusted

•    During all cataract training scenarios the eye will be automatically irrigated by a "virtual nurse"
•    Synchronization of eye and instrument tracking has been further improved
•    The graphical user interfaces have been optimized and are now easier and more intuitive to use


The new Eyesi Indirect software 2.8 is now delivered to all customers with a valid license.

Further Information

Further information on the new software release can be found here:




New IOL Insertion training module