"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law

Pioneer with VR technology in medical education

Founded in 2001, the German-based company VRmagic is a pioneer with virtual reality technology for medical training. Today, medical students and ophthalmologists all over the world train their diagnostic and surgical skills on high-fidelity simulators from VRmagic – without any stress or risk for patients.

Setting standards in medical simulation

For more than 15 years VRmagic has been raising the benchmark in medical simulation technology. Physics-based models developed by VRmagic allow for a highly realistic and dynamic simulation of anatomical structures and interaction with tissue in real-time.

Development of sensor systems and hardware

VRmagic develops, designs and integrates hardware and input devices for VR and AR simulators. The company holds particular expertise in the development of camera systems for high precision optical tracking.

Camera systems for machine vision

In 2003, VRmagic introduced the first USB 2.0 camera to the market. Since then, camera systems for computer vision have formed a second business division, leading to the establishment of VRmagic Imaging GmbH in 2016.