VRmNet for Eyesi Surgical

For information on VRmNet for Eyesi Indirect, Eyesi Direct or Earsi Otoscope, please go to VRmNet for Diagnostic Simulators.

VRmNet® is VRmagic’s web-based service for networked simulators. VRmNet offers online features for both educators and residents, who can access their personalized VRmNet dashboard from any computer or mobile device.

Markus Schill, CEO VRmagic

The Next Big Thing? Networking!

Interview with Markus Schill, CEO at VRmagic, on the potential of networked simulators for new quality standards in medical training.

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Performance Comparison

On the Eyesi Surgical simulator, the networking function of VRmNet allows residents and fellows to compare their surgical performance to other Eyesi users. A presentation in percentiles and box-and-whisker plots shows the ranking of their performance at a glance.

Performance comparison on the Eyesi Surgical simulator (© VRmagic/Lachnith)
Performance comparison on the Eyesi Surgical simulator

Personal Dashboard and Orientation for Residents

Logging in to their personal VRmNet dashboard, residents have access to presentations of their training data and to medical online courses, which complement the simulator curriculum. An online orientation helps trainees to get started with their simulator training.

Training data and online courses on VRmNet

Medical Online Courses

The medical online courses available on VRmNet provide trainees with theoretical background information, enriched with videos, images, and multiple-choice tests.
Trainees can be asked to pass the theoretical online courses before they may proceed with their simulator training.

The medical online courses available on VRmNet are intertwined with the simulator curriculum.

Administration Features for Educators

Educators can use VRmNet to comfortably set up users, manage courses, and analyse their residents’ training data down to the last detail.

Educators can create user accounts by simply uploading a list of trainees. Students receive an automatic email with their login information. Configurable notifications and reports keep educators informed on their students’ progress.

VRmNet notification mail for educators and overviews of trainees´training progress.

VRmNet Benefits for Operation and Service

VRmNet - optimized allocation

Optimized Allocation

Through the networking feature, training data is synchronized between devices. Students can continue their training on any available simulator.

VRmNet - online service

Online Service

Customers profit from data back-up and synchronization as well as easily operated service through the VRmNet networking access.

VRmNet - automatic software updates

Automatic Software Updates

All simulators connected to VRmNet receive the latest software updates automatically.

Photo/video credits: VRmagic, R. Lachnith, B. Hummerich