Ophthalmology Residencies

LifeLike Training

Expertise Comes from Experience

Virtual reality simulators offer eye specialists the opportunity to gain professional experience without any stress or risk for patients. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness and efficiency of VR training in ophthalmology. With longstanding experience and more than 800 Eyesi simulators installed worldwide, Haag-Streit Simulation is leading provider of VR systems and training concepts. Preinstalled, standardized courses and tools for assessment provide residency programs with valuable means for quality assurance. Training with Eyesi simulators gives both residents and educators confidence in surgical abilities – before entering the OR.

Standardization and Assessment

Quality Assurance

Eyesi simulators allow every trainee to experience a broad range of clinical pathologies, independent from patient flow and hospital routine. The standardized Eyesi courseware provides virtual patients of different ages and ethnicities, presenting with different stages of diseases. Guidance elements and objective feedback support trainees in acquiring profound proficiency. Educators can easily monitor and assess their residents’ performance. A detailed evaluation of individual abilities and performance comparisons help residency programs to ensure their quality standards.

Available training systems

Simulators for Ophthalmology

Validated Training Concepts

Learning from Mistakes without Making Them

With many years of experience in integrating simulator-based training into residency programs, Haag-Streit Simulation has developed most efficient training methods. The applied concept of “Deliberate Practice” includes training at the appropriate level of difficulty, immediate and detailed feedback on the performance and the opportunity to repeat a task until a standard skill level is reached.

The Appropriate Level of Difficulty

The preinstalled Eyesi courseware lead trainees step-by-step to proficiency and offers training at an appropriate level of difficulty. The training tasks break down complex surgical techniques into smaller bites. The courses combine practice of basic skills with more challenging tasks. The consecutively structured course design allows residents to proceed to the next tier, only if the previous level of difficulty has been completed successfully.

Immediate Feedback

All Eyesi training systems offer guidance and immediate feedback to trainees. A detailed performance evaluation after each training task allows them to hone their skills systematically. Various parameters are evaluated, for example instrument handling, surgical efficiency, or quality and completeness of an eye examination.


Simulator training permits residents to practice their microsurgical skills repetitively until they reach a standard skill level. The Eyesi Surgical courseware uses scoring gates to ensure reliability of the performance level; trainees can only advance through assigned coursesafter having met a required minimum score three times in a row.

VRmNet Web Portal

Online Services for Networked Simulators

VRmNet is a web-based service for networked Eyesi simulators offering online courses for trainees and administration tools for educators. The personalized VRmNet dashboard can be accessed from any computer or mobile device 24/7.