Ophthalmology Residencies

Educational solutions for ophthalmology residencies

Learning Without Risk

Training with the Eyesi® simulators for ophthalmology heightens your residents’ level of experience and confidence before they perform their first surgical steps in the OR or examine their first patient. Being able to practice eye surgery and eye examinations under realistic conditions without putting patients at risk is a unique opportunity only virtual reality simulation can offer.

Training Simulators for Ophthalmology

Step-by-Step Practice

The four tiers of the Eyesi Surgical cataract courseware
The four tiers of the Eyesi Surgical cataract courseware

Every simulator comes with a preinstalled training curriculum with self-contained and self-explanatory courses. The courses are grouped into tiers to offer standardized training at an appropriate level of difficulty. Depending on the simulator, the courses combine basic skills tasks with the practice of surgical steps or examination of pathological eyes. The consecutively structured course design allows residents to advance to the next higher tier by completing the previous tier successfully.

Feedback Assessment

Performance comparison on the Eyesi Surgical simulator (© VRmagic/Lachnith)
Performance feedback on the Eyesi Surgical simulator

All training systems provide trainees and educators with a detailed skill evaluation. Various parameters are recorded, rated, and stored, for example instrument handling, surgical efficiency, or quality and completeness of the eye examination. Feedback is displayed to trainees directly after each training task. Educators can view training reports for single users or whole classes. On networked simulators, the training results are also made available online for educators and trainees.

Online Courses

Medical online courses

Online orientation courses on VRmNet are available for all networked simulators and introduce trainees into safe and correct simulator usage before starting the simulator training. For Eyesi Surgical and Eyesi Slit Lamp, additional medical online courses are intertwined with the simulator curriculum and provide medical background information, instruction videos, and helpful tips.

Eyesi Surgical Community Videos

Simulador virtual de cirugía de ojos (Clínica Universidad de Navarra)

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A Genève les chirurgiens de l'œil s'entraînent sur le premier simulateur de Suisse

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Simulador de Catarata - Sociedad Colombiana de Oftalmología

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Photo credits: VRmagic, R. Lachnith, iStock.com