Ophthalmology Residencies

Educational solutions for ophthalmology residencies


Training with Eyesi® simulators gives both residents and educators confidence in surgical abilities – before entering the OR.

Ready-to-Go Solutions

VRmagic offers ready-to-go solutions for integrating simulator training into your residency program. The preinstalled Eyesi Surgical courseware offers courses ranging from basic skills training through to complications management. The diagnostic Eyesi simulators feature a case-based approach for training of proper device handling and diagnosing pathologies through to complex cases with complete patient histories. Eyesi training can therefore be integrated into your existing curriculum over the entire period of residency. With the VRmNet web portal, VRmagic provides both propaedeutic online courses for trainees and administration tools for educators.

Efficient Training Concepts

With many years of experience in integrating simulator-based training into residency programs, VRmagic has developed most efficient training methods. The applied concepts include training at the appropriate level of difficulty, immediate and detailed feedback on the performance and the opportunity to repeat a task until a standard skill level is reached.


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VRmNet for Eyesi Surgical
VRmNet for Diagnostic Simulators

The Appropriate Level of Difficulty

The four tiers of the Eyesi Surgical cataract courseware
The four tiers of the Eyesi Surgical cataract courseware

VRmagic simulators come with an embedded training curriculum with self-contained and self-explanatory courses. The courses are grouped into tiers to offer standardized training at an appropriate level of difficulty. The courses combine practice of basic skills with more challenging tasks. The consecutively structured course design allows residents to proceed to the next tier, only if the previous level of difficulty has been completed successfully.

Deliberate Practice

Abstract tasks are designed to systematically train instrument handling.

All Eyesi training systems provide residents and educators with a detailed skill evaluation. Various parameters are recorded, rated, and stored, for example instrument handling, surgical efficiency, or quality and completeness of an eye examination. Trainees receive feedback directly after each training task and can hone their skills deliberately until they reach a standard level.

Blended Learning

Medical online courses

For networked Eyesi Surgical and Eyesi Slit Lamp simulators, theoretical online courses are intertwined with the simulator curriculum. The online courses provide medical background information, instruction videos, and multiple choice tests. Residents can be asked to complete a medical online course before they may proceed with their practical simulator training.

Training Simulators for Ophthalmology

Eyesi Surgical Community Videos

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