Medical Schools

High-End Simulators

Efficient Diagnostic Training

High-fidelity training simulators from Haag-Streit Simulation offer standardized fundoscopy and otoscopy training for undergraduate medical students. In a lifelike training environment, virtual patients present with clinically relevant pathologies every student should be able to recognize. The simulators can easily be integrated into educational programs. The embedded, didactically structured curriculum has been designed to teach recognition of the most common pathologies within only a few hours. Comfortable administration tools are available through the VRmNet web portal for educators.


Gaining Experience

With a broad range of available pathologies and standardized courseware, Eyesi simulators can ensure that every student receives the same scope of training. Students broaden their diagnostic experience by examining virtual patients, case by case, with ascending levels of difficulty. In combination with the objective performance evaluation provided by Eyesi training systems, the standardized curriculum assures optometry programs that all of their students reach a standard level of proficiency.

Available Training Systems

Simulators for Medical Schools

Self-Guided Training

Guidance and Assessment

The structured curriculum preinstalled on Eyesi simulators has been designed for self-guided learning. Guiding elements and medical information support users in their learning process. Detailed feedback after each tasks allows trainees to hone their skills systematically. Only after having met a required minimum performance score, can trainees advance through assigned courses. Educators can easily monitor and assess their residents’ performance. A detailed evaluation of individual abilities help optometry programs to ensure their quality standards.

Results screen of the Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator
Results screen of the Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator
VRmNet Web Portal

Teaching Large Classes Efficiently

VRmNet is a web-based service for networked Eyesi simulators offering online learning for trainees and administration tools for educators. The personalized VRmNet dashboard can be accessed from any computer or mobile device 24/7.