VRmagic custom medical simulation

Custom Simulators

VRmagic is your competent partner in the development of customized simulators. With a wide range of products for training and education in healthcare created over the last 20 years, our R&D team has diverse expertise in the development of simulation software and hardware including real-time simulation of organic soft tissues and fluidics, development of tracking systems, integration and control of haptic input devices and hardware components, development and integration of industry-level VR displays.

Industry Cooperations

We accomplished numerous innovative training solutions in close cooperation with partners in industry and research around the world, for example, Genentech, GEUDER, Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Insight Instruments, OCULUS Optikgeräte, and Preceyes.

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Virtual Reality Becomes a Reality for Ophthalmologic Surgical Clinical Trials – Publication in Translational Vision Science & Technology https://doi.org/10.1167/tvst.9.7.1

Creating New Training Realities

Virtual reality technologies are about to change training paradigms fundamentally. There are infinite possibilities to augment the learning process and incorporate almost any conceivable visual, acoustic, or haptic feedback. Customized simulation can make training safer, easier, and more cost-efficient, overcome steep learning curves and increase adoption rates.

Engaging and Motivating Trainees

VRmagic has many years of experience in designing curricula that engage users through self-contained and self-explanatory learning content. Gamified courses guide users through simulator training while maintaining a high level of motivation. This course design ensures that users practice without the need for human trainers at their side.

VRmagic customized virtual reality simulators

Making Performance Measurable

VR applications must necessarily create and control every aspect of the simulated virtual world. Accordingly, almost any conceivable performance metric can be measured to provide thorough and objective feedback on user performance. This enables you to define evaluation and certification models tailored precisely to your needs.

Delivering Complete Training Solutions

More than 500 VRmagic training systems are used in over 50 countries and have become a de facto standard in many fields. For example, 90% of North American ophthalmology residencies rely on VRmagic simulators. Benefit from our experience in providing complete training solutions to our customers, including all that goes with it.

VRmNet - optimized allocation

Network Services

VRmNet offers network capabilities for all simulators. Automatic synchronization of training data enables you to manage users over multiple simulators, monitor their training progress, and receive automatic software updates. Learn more about VRmNet.

Packaging and Shipping

VRmagic has shipped simulators to customers and trade shows all over the world. All parts are designed to sustain the strains of transcontinental transport. Robust cargo case designs and shipping solutions are part of the value proposition provided to you.

Service and Support

If anything should not work as expected, we provide hassle-free remote support. Optional on-site support during special events ensures maximum reliability when it counts most. VRmagic also offers various levels of software support and warranty extensions.

Photo/video credits: VRmagic, R. Lachnit, B. Schoene