»Global Health Package« for Diagnostic Simulators

Cases more prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions provide students with a broader experience of pathologies Mannheim. For training with their Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope […] Continue Reading

Screenshot of the eye of a virtual patient on the Eyesi Direct simulator showing retinal manifestations of malaria.

VRmagic Joins Haag-Streit Group

Mannheim. VRmagic and the Swiss-based Haag-Streit Group signed an agreement on the acquisition of 77% of VRmagic Holding AG shares. The acquisition follows a […] Continue Reading

The Eyesi® Surgical ophthalmic surgery simulator now features a new, virtual stereo microscope, which provides the viewer with a large three-dimensional field of view with a detail-precise resolution. The digital microscope head has been developed in cooperation with Haag-Streit Diagnostics.

Significantly lower complication rates through virtual reality training of ophthalmic surgeons

Long-term study in Great Britain investigates the effect of simulator training on the surgical results of residents Mannheim. A total of 38 percent fewer […] Continue Reading

Networked Ophthalmic Surgical Simulators Offer Performance Comparison

Mannheim. With the current software version for the Eyesi ophthalmic surgical simulator, the German manufacturer VRmagic offers trainee ophthalmologists not only a detailed evaluation […] Continue Reading

Eyesi Surgical Simulator: New Platform Generation

State-of-the-Art Visualization for Surgery Training Mannheim. VRmagic announces the marketing of a new platform generation of the ophthalmic surgery simulator Eyesi Surgical. In close […] Continue Reading

The new hardware platform of Eyesi Surgical simulator for vitreoretinal surgery