Fundoscopy Module Eyesi Slit Lamp
Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator

Fundoscopy Module

The Eyesi Slit Lamp simulator from Haag-Streit Simulation now offers training of retinal slit lamp examinations: A new patient model head and a 90D ophthalmoscopy lens mimic can be mounted to the simulator table to enable a lifelike interaction.

Training Simulators for Eye Specialists
Eyesi Product Family

Training Simulators for Eye Specialists

The Eyesi product family from Haag-Streit Simulation offers state-of-the-art training for eye specialists. The product portfolio ranges from virtual reality simulators for intraocular surgery training through to simulators for slit lamp examinations and ophthalmoscopy.

Capsular Tension Ring
Eyesi Surgical Software Release 3.6

New Module: Capsular Tension Ring

The Eyesi Surgical software 3.6 comes with a new training module for the implantation of capsular tension rings. The training module expands the training options in the advanced courses of the simulator curriculum.

Global Health Package
Eyesi Indirect & Eyesi Direct

Global Health Package

For training with the Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope and Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulators, a new software package is available with pathologies predominant in tropical and subtropical regions, such as malaria, the Zika virus, or the West Nile virus.

Performance Comparision
Eyesi Surgical

Connecting Peer Groups

On Eyesi Surgical simulators, the networking function allows residents and fellows to compare their surgical performance to other Eyesi users. Interview with Markus Schill, CEO at Haag-Streit Simulation, on the potential of the data aggregation for establishing new quality standards in medical training.

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HAAG-STREIT SIMULATION is leading provider of virtual reality simulators for training of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and medical students.

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HAAG-STREIT SIMULATION develops highly interactive, outstandingly realistic simulations of diagnostic and surgical procedures and high-end VR input and output devices.

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