Eyesi® Vitreoretinal


The Eyesi® Surgical platform can be equipped with a vitreoretinal eye interface and instrument set for training of posterior segment surgery. In order to further enhance the realistic surgical simulation environment, it is also possible to integrate a BIOM/SDI hardware mimic and microscope foot switch, which is operated just like a real BIOM in the operating room. A wide array of instruments is available for use during retina surgical simulations in order to assist trainees in refining precise manual dexterity skills.


All Eyesi® retina modules are designed to help new retina fellows to develop the essential skills needed for posterior segment surgery. Frequent practice using these modules improves proficiency in complex tasks such as posterior hyaloid detachment, peripheral vitrectomies, internal limiting membrane peeling (ILM) or the removal of epiretinal membranes. A realistic posterior segment surgical simulation environment is provided through the use of scleral indentation, a vitrectomy machine, variable illumination intensity of the light pipe and an endolaser.


The number of Eyesi® Vitreoretinal training modules is being constantly extended. Eyesi® Surgical units can be upgraded as new modules become available. For information on all training modules currently available, please contact VRmagic.