Eyesi® Cataract


To permit training of anterior segment surgery, the platform of Eyesi® Surgical is equipped with a cataract eye interface, a cataract instrument set and foot pedals. The simulation environment can easily be configured for superior or temporal access to the patient's eye. A series of incisions is provided on the model eye to allow instrument insertion according to the surgeon's preference.


The Eyesi® cataract training modules offer an immersive surgical simulation environment for training of critical steps such as capsulorhexis, hydrodissection and phaco. Trainees can change the phaco machine settings in order to explore the effects of parameter changes. Complex interaction between instruments, discrete tissue and intraocular structures can be experienced in real time. Trainees become acquainted with the “Divide and Conquer” technique step by step.


The number of Eyesi® cataract training modules is being constantly extended. Eyesi® Surgical units can be upgraded when new modules become available. For information on all currently available cataract modules, please contact VRmagic.