Objective assessment of retinal examinations

The Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope simulator provides objective assessment and detailed evaluation of both procedural and diagnostic skills. At the end of each virtual retinal examination, the trainee is presented with a performance summary.

Evaluation of procedural skills

Several parameters of the examination procedure are scored by the Eyesi Indirect training system, such as the time needed for examination and the percentage of the retina that has been examined properly.

Evaluation of diagnostic  skills 

Eyesi Indirect provides a detailed evaluation of the given diagnosis for each retinal examination. The types and completeness of diagnostic findings are reviewed and the degree of exactness for positioning findings in the fundus editor is determined.

Keeping control of the learning process

All performance data is stored in the Eyesi Indirect database for further analysis by the educator. The documentation of diagnostic abilities over time allows educators to keep track of the individual learning curve.