Case-based Learning

Examination Skills

For training the basic handling and operation of an indirect ophthalmoscope, Eyesi Indirect offers abstract cases in which trainees have to find geometric objects that are placed on the retina. The level of difficulty rises as objects have to be found on the periphery of the retina.

Anatomical Structures

The Anatomical Structures course offers a variety of healthy retinas of patients of different age and ethnicity. Examining the virtual patients, trainees will further hone their examinations skills and will get acquainted with different characteristics of healthy retinas. They will learn to identify anatomical structures and become familiar with anatomical directional terms.

Basic Findings and Diagnoses

Basic Findings and Diagnoses represent the first step in learning how to diagnose disease patterns. Trainees learn to specify typical retina and vitreous pathologies such as AMD, diabetes and glaucoma. Educational guidance is provided through multiple-choice questions and medical background information.

Clinical cases

The clinical cases of the Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope simulator are modeled on the basis of real clinical cases and help trainees to develop clinical skills such as making diagnoses and therapeutic decisions. Clinical cases may have complicated pathologies that need to be differentiated against other possible diagnoses. Available pathologies range from macular degenerations and hereditary and diabetic disorders trough to tumors in the chorioretinal complex.


The database of the training system is being extended continuously. For further information, please contact VRmagic!