Eyesi® Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Augmented Reality for realistic training of retinal examination

Eyesi® Indirect is a high-end augmented reality simulator for training of retinal examinations. As opposed to studying two-dimensional images, Eyesi® Indirect provides a highly realistic, three-dimensional experience. At the same time, students learn how to properly handle the ophthalmoscope.

Case-based learning

Eyesi® Indirect significantly extends the range of diagnostic training available to medical students today. Trainees can examine a wide range of simulated clinically relevant cases before they meet their first real patient. All relevant pathologies for retina and vitreous are covered with a multitude of examples.

Evaluation of procedural and diagnostic skills

Eyesi® Indirect  provides objective assessment and detailed evaluation of both procedural and diagnostic skills. At the end of each virtual retinal examination, the trainee is presented with a performance summary. All performance data is stored in the Eyesi® Indirect database for further analysis by the educator.