Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope

Diagnostic Training Reinvented

The Eyesi® Direct Ophthalmoscope Simulator uses virtual reality to deliver an innovative new way of teaching the essential diagnostic skill of direct ophthalmoscopy. Eyesi® Direct is handled exactly the same way as its real counterpart. Students looking through the ocular see virtual patients of varying gender and age. The highly realistic retinas have to be examined like real patients’ retinas.

Lifelike experience

With a dynamic exam environment, in which the patient also reacts to light, medical students learn through a truly immersive training experience. The simulator’s unique capacity to provide immediate feedback on the performance allows for an objective, competency-based assessment. As a result, trainees gain verifiable knowledge on both healthy retinas and retinas with common pathologies.

Eyesi® Direct for Medical Schools

By using Eyesi® Direct, medical schools can offer a standardized and broad clinical experience to every medical student, including numerous specialties such as neurology, internal medicine, family medicine, and emergency medicine.