Earsi Otoscope Simulator

How Can Medical Schools Improve Otoscopy Training?

The Earsi Otoscope Simulator makes it possible to teach clinical skills better while respecting the ever increasing curriculum time pressure medical schools have to deal with today. All students are presented with a comparable clinical learning experience, and educators can ensure that students have gained a certain level of clinical proficiency after training.

Self-Guided Training with a Detailed 3D Model

The use of virtual reality simulation can ensure hundreds of adult learners receive a standardized, clinically diverse otoscopy training. The Earsi Otoscope simulator is both able to yield proficiency data and be deployed within a medical school’s curriculum without additional time allotments being made. It offers a complete and detailed 3D model of the external and middle ear, a ready-to-go curriculum, and  an immersive training experience that is unprecedented in otology.

Excellent Preparation for the First Examination

Equipped with a lifelike model ear and otoscope handpiece, the Earsi Otoscope allows for realistic exams including pinna pull and pencil grip of the otoscope, fostering correct examination techniques. When trainees look into the model ear through the otoscope, they see a highly realistic, three-dimensional representation of the ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear. An objective performance feedback helps teachers to properly judge their students’ skill level.