Cataract and vitreoretinal surgery

Eyesi Surgical is a high-end virtual reality simulator for intraocular surgical training. The Eyesi Surgical platform can be equipped with an interface for cataract and/or vitreoretinal surgery. Software modules provide the actual training content on Eyesi Surgical. For more detailed information, see Eyesi Cataract and Eyesi Vitreoretinal.

The Eyesi Surgical platform – a life-like learning environment

All aspects of a real operation scenario have been integrated into the Eyesi Surgical platform: like in the OR, the patient head lies on a height-adjustable table facing the surgeon. Original handheld instruments are inserted into an artificial eye and are freely moveable. The surgeon sits in the usual position looking through a stereoscopic operating microscope. Instrument interaction with the tissue and ocular structure is simulated in real time. During simulation, all essential microscope and OR machine functions are controlled via foot pedals.

Ease of use

Setup of Eyesi Surgical is easy: the surgery interface head, instrument foot pedal and microscope foot pedal are installed by simply connecting them to the main unit. The simulation system is controlled by means of the touch screen: after login, the instruments can be configured and courses can be selected and started. The screen can also be used to view or play back a simulation session.