High-Fidelity Simulation

VRmagic develops virtual reality and augmented reality simulators for the education of medical students and doctors. The ophthalmic surgery simulator Eyesi Surgical allows training of cataract and vitreoretinal surgery procedures. The product portfolio is complemented by Eyesi Indirect and Eyesi Direct, two simulators for teaching ophthalmoscopy. Eyesi Surgical and Eyesi Indirect are mainly used for specialized training in the field of ophthalmology. Eyesi Direct on the other hand was adapted to the needs and requirements of all medical disciplines.

Training without Risk to Patients

With training simulators by VRmagic, medical students can train their diagnostic and surgical skills effectively – without risk to patients and independent of patient flow and daily hospital routine. A wide range of different pathologies is permanently available and surgery procedures can be trained several times – before entering the OR or seeing the patient!

Quality-Assured Training and Objective Evaluation

Simulators by VRmagic expand the common training possibilities in the field of medicine by a standardized and quality-assured training method. Eyesi simulators record all training data and offer a detailed evaluation of the surgical or diagnostic performance. This way medical educators and users obtain a detailed overview of individual learning curves. Training content can be individually adjusted to students’ needs. Furthermore, it is ensured that all users have a defined knowledge and skills.