D3 – the Flexible Intelligent Camera Platform

The D3 is a modular intelligent camera platform with a full-fledged embedded Ubuntu Linux PC. This means the camera can process image information efficiently and work as a completely autonomous sensor. The core element of the camera, a powerful dual-core CPU, can be combined with different image sensors from our large portfolio, an optional FPGA module, a large variety of interfaces and connectors for fast and easy integration into virtually any infrastructure. 

Intelligent 360 Degree Manhole Inspection

CleverScan enables manhole inspection in a depth of up to 10 meters. The portable 3D laser measurement device is equipped with an intelligent multi-sensor camera with five high resolution image sensors. Four lateral sensors with a 360° view inspect the walls while the fifth sensor captures the downwards view. Data preprocessing is performed on the camera’s embedded system. After an average scanning time of 5 minutes CleverScan provides a three-dimensional view of the manhole, a live video, and an unfolded view of the manhole wall surface consisting of 3D data and texture information.

Conveyor Belt Application

HALCON Embedded makes it possible to develop HDevelop scripts on a standard PC and execute them directly on the D3 intelligent camera. The first part of the video shows how a Region of Interest (ROI) is defined and how a shape is recognized and saved as learned shape with the Matching Assistant. In the second part, the exact diameter of an object’s circular areas is determined and the HDevelop script is saved to the camera.

New Intelligent Camera Series D3

D3 is the latest and most advanced intelligent camera generation by VRmagic. The D3 was designed with ease of use, flexibility, and performance in mind.

D3 Installation

The VRmagic Easy Installer automatically installs all applications and toolchain elements. Within a few minutes, a completely preconfigured development environment is available.

D3 Intelligent Camera with HALCON Embedded

HALCON is a leading machine vision library with more than 1800 operators for image processing applications. HALCON Embedded runs on the new D3 intelligent camera platform by VRmagic, which allows customers to develop scripts on any standard PC and let them run directly on the D3 intelligent camera’s embedded system. In this demo application, an intelligent camera detects and analyzes moving objects in split seconds using HALCON scripts. In the first part of the video, the text of QR codes is read out as they pass by. In the second part, the camera measures and outputs the exact diameter of circular objects. The results are displayed on a screen which is directly connected to the D3 intelligent camera via HDMI.

VRmagic AreaScan3D Demo

The VRmagic AreaScan3D is a 3D area sensor based on the principle of digital fringe projection. Fringe projection, image acquisition and calculation of the 3D point cloud are performed directly within the AreaScan3D sensor, controlled by an intelligent camera by VRmagic. The sensor supplies ready-calculated 3D data records for industrial image processing. The data is output directly as a 3D point cloud, grayscale coded area map, or 2D image.

Laser Triangulation on D2 Intelligent Camera

This example demonstrates how a D2 intelligent camera by VRmagic works as an autonomous sensor and can control complete stand-alone applications without the need of further processing components. In this demo, the camera captures 2 megapixel gray images of an object and performs laser triangulation to obtain 3D data. Lossless run-length encoding (RLE) compression of the image data is performed directly on the camera's FPGA. Then, the center-of-gravity is calculated on the camera's ARM processor using the compressed data. The usage of lossless compressed data for calculation permits a very fast processing time. The result is displayed on a monitor connected to the camera via HDMI.

Robot Bin Picking Application with VRmagic AreaScan3D

In this video, a robot picks metal parts from a mat with the help of VRmagics 3D scanner AreaScan3D. After picking a part, the robot moves it to another mat. The precise selection and picking of the randomly spread metal parts is made possible with the 3D data that the AreaScan3D delivers to the robot within split seconds. The 3D data is calculated using a stripe pattern projected onto the object and an intelligent camera system, both built into the AreaScan3D.

D2 Intelligent Analog Video Converter VRmDAVC-2

The fully programmable D2 intelligent framegrabber VRmDAVC-2 converts analog to digital video signals. In this video, the analog video signal of an old game console is converted and streamed via Ethernet.

D2 Intelligent Camera Voice over IP Application

An intelligent camera (D2 intelligent platform) streams audio and video signals over Ethernet to VoIP clients using H.264 video encoding on the DSP and GStreamer.