The Easiest Way to Integrate Analog Cameras

VRmagic frame grabbers convert every analog PAL or NTSC camera into a digital camera, thus making possible an unproblematic step-by-step upgrade from analog to digital cameras. Simply connect your analog camera to a frame grabber, which converts the analog into a digital signal. Because all imaging components by VRmagic are controlled by the same API, an exchange of the converter with a VRmagic digital camera later on is possible without additional programming.


  • OEM: board level frame grabber.
  • PRO: frame grabber in anodized aluminum housing.


  • D3 intelligent frame grabbers (VRmD3AVC-2)
  • USB frame grabbers (VRmAVC-2)

Intelligent Frame Grabbers VRmD3AVC-2

Based on the D3 intelligent camera platform, these frame grabbers can perform image processing tasks fully autonomously. The direct connection of peripherals (e.g. monitor via HDMI) and control of equipment via RS232 or GPIOs is possible. The intelligent frame grabbers convert every PAL/NTSC camera into


  • a programmable intelligent camera with Linux operating system,
  • an IP/Ethernet camera,
  • a digital camera with DVI or HDMI output,
  • a video camera unit with USB mass storage.


The D3 frame grabber VRmD3AVC-2 features a powerful dual-core chip with floating point unit (FPU). As a result the VRmD3AVC-2 offers a wide support of embedded image processing software such as Common Vision Blox Embedded, EyeVision, GStreamer, HALCON Embedded, OpenCV, VM_LIB, and many more.

Data sheet VRmD3AVC-2 OEM [PDF]


USB Frame Grabber VRmAVC-2

For applications where NTSC or PAL cameras need to be connected directly to a PC, VRmagic offers external USB-powered framegrabbers. The lightweight frame grabbers are also suitable for mobile applications using laptops. The VRmagic API offers convenient access to the image data on any PC or laptop.

Data sheet VRmAVC-2 OEM [PDF]

Data sheet VRmAVC-2 PRO [PDF]