• D3 Intelligent Camera User Guide (PDF)
  • USB Camera User Guide (PDF)
  • AreaScan3D User Guide (PDF)
  • IS3 User Guide (PDF)

Further Documentation




Intelligent Components


D3 Intelligent Camera Platform (Release 4.5.0)

The actual D3 SDK (currently R 4.5.0) is downloaded with the VRmagic Easy Installer, which is included in the VRmagic Custom Ubuntu. To install the D3 software in an existing Ubuntu Linux 12.04 32-bit installation, download the Easy Installer separately. 


VRmagic Custom Ubuntu 1.15 (Download iso)

VRmagic Easy Installer 1.2.0 (Download deb)


USB Components


Windows X86

VRmUsbCam DevKit for Windows X86 4.5.0 Package (Download zip)

VRmUsbCam Firmware Bundle 4.5.0 (Download zip)


Windows X64

VRmUsbCam DevKit for Windows X64 4.5.0 Package (Download zip)


Linux X86

VRmUsbCam DevKit for Linux X86 4.5.0 Package (Download zip)


Linux X64

VRmUsbCam DevKit for Linux X64 4.5.0 Package (Download zip)


Earlier Software Releases

This page provides download links to the latest software releases. If you require an older software version, please contact VRmagic.